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Corporate Services

Aside from freelance journalism, I've also undertaken research and editing projects for clients such as the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and HR consultancy Mercer. For the former, I've recently interviewed and written up case studies of innovative HR practice in Asia for the CIPD's Next Generation HR Asia report.


I've worked as a researcher for the Bevan Foundation on a project investigating the equality practices of trade unions in Wales. This involved interviewing 20 trade unions in Wales and writing up the findings of the report, which were submitted to the Wales TUC

I've also worked on policy documents on employing ex-offenders and edited case studies for a research report on the benefits of mature workers for the CIPD.

Media Consultant for NGOs 

I've worked as a freelance press officer for the CIPD which involved writing up press releases and responding to media queries. In 2007, I spent four months as a communications consultant with a local NGO called HELP-O in Sri Lanka, specializing in post-Tsunami projects. In this role, I was responsible for media training of two members of staff as well as overseeing the production of the NGO's first annual report outlining their activities. In the UK, I’ve provided media consultancy advice to two charities: the Gaia Foundation and Testimony.org, a signposting organisation for Refugees.


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